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Q: Who are you?
We're a family owned and family run fine art luxury boutique based in Houston, Texas. We only sell top of the line archival vintage art and historic ephemera facsimiles to help brighten and refresh your wall decor. Our passion is helping you spruce up your walls with elegantly curated art prints that inspire you and the guests that view them.

Q: Do your prints come framed?
A: Unfortunately, no. All of our prints are purchased unframed. All of the frames pictured in our listing photos are simply mockups and were created to demonstrate how your print could appear once framed.

Q: Where should I get my print framed?
A: Have a peek at the following link for more information on framing suggestions:

Q: Will you frame my print for me?
A: No. Unfortunately, due to logistics, it is beyond our control currently to provide frames for any of our prints at this time. Have a peek here for framer recommendations:

Q: Do your prints come with a white border?
A: Yes. All our prints will be shipped by default with an ADDITIONAL white border on each side of the print. The sizes of our prints listed in our shop are the sizes for the printed area only. Therefore, if you order a printed sized 24"W x 30"H, that size is for the printed area, not the final printed size with the white border included. With a 1" white border added to each size, the final printed size of a 24"W x 30"H print will be 26" x 32"H. We add the white border as it makes framing your print with a framer much easier. Most, if not all framers prefer to have the additional white border so your print can be stapled to a backing material to hold your print in place when framed. So instead of a frame covering up the printed area of your print, the frame can now sit flush at the edge of the printed area. This white border is added to your print free of charge. Should you not want the white border, please let us know upon checking out, otherwise, by default it will be included.

Q: What is the material you use to print on?
A: We use a well researched and refined printing method. Our finished materials are the first option that professional artists, art galleries and museum archivists utilize. We only sell that have a light fasting UV rating of 100+ years and that are printed on fine art papers that fully absorb the richness of the premier inks we use. We are one of the only sellers of fine art prints to use extra grade platinum inks. These inks can only be purchased through a line of museum inventory deposits in a select number of artist supply businesses. It is a trade secret of ours on how we obtain and are able to utilize these inks, but we are proud to offer these on all our prints. As would be expected at the very minimum, all our fine art papers are heavy weight matte premium archival papers.

Q: What is the difference between Giclee and Photo Rag?
A: We're glad you asked. Have a peek at the following link for more details on the differences:

Q: What is a Gallery Wrapped Canvas?
A: Gallery wrap is a method of stretching an artist's canvas so that the canvas wraps around the sides of the stretcher bar or strainer bars and is secured to the back of the wooden frame.

Q: What is a Stretched Canvas?
A: All canvas prints are stretched, in order to be displayed. A rolled canvas print is a normal print before it is stretched over a “stretcher bar” - a thin wooden frame, to which the canvas is stapled to.

Q: What is a Rolled Canvas print?
A: Rolled canvas prints are simply printed on a sheet of canvas material and are then rolled up and shipped out to you in a poster tube. Not all our prints are available as a rolled canvas, but if they are, this is what you will receive if you place an order for it. Our rolled canvas papers arrive automatically with a 1" white border already added to the print.

Q: Do you offer custom or personalized prints? How much does this cost?
A: A resounding yes! We cherish doing custom or personalized work. We don't charge you any additional fee for doing it either. All we ask is that you purchase the custom listing we'll set up for you first before we begin any work. Once you've done that, we'll work directly with you in close communication by sending you proofs and revisions until we reach a final approved design. Often times, the turnaround time for custom work can be a few days to a few weeks depending on your requests and feedback. Please be aware, that custom orders cannot be returned. Send us a note to to get started with your request and we'll respond to you with a quote.

Q: How long does it take for my to order to arrive?
A: We process all orders the day you place it and then we have it printed and shipped out anywhere between 1-7 business days for standard orders! Prints that are oversized (our bus scrolls or anything over 30 inches in width or diameter may take 3-10 days before shipment. You can expect your order to arrive between 7 - 12 business days from order placement if you are in the domestic USA.

Q: But my order is time sensitive! Do you offer rush shipping?
A: Yes! We offer shipping upgrades to ensure a speedier delivery for domestic USA orders. If you need it really quick, please contact us and we'll see what else we can do. A lot of times with rush order we can have your order in your possession in 48-72 hours (in the USA) after the order has been received.

Q: Can I combine shipping on multiple items?
A: Absolutely! For the most part, most of our products when combined with another item are significantly discounted or free when shipped with one or more items. The checkout system will handle this automatically for you when you are ready to place your order.

Q: Oops! I entered the wrong shipping address, can you ship my order to a different address?
A: Yes, as long as we have not already shipped it out. If you notice that you accidentally used the wrong address please send us a message as soon as possible and we'll make note of the change. If it's been more than 24 hours, the odds become slim to do so, but we'll certainly try to track down all the right people to remedy this for you. In the event we cannot change the shipping address, you may possibly be able to pay a shipment intercept charge with the postal service (orders in the USA). We, unfortunately, cannot be responsible for orders that are shipped to incorrect addresses. If a print is returned to us, we will then of course try to forward this on to you at the correct address.

Q: Dang! My package was damaged during delivery! What should I do?
A: We certainly give it our best shot to ensure your items are well packaged and secured during the delivery process, but situations arise and these things sometimes are inevitable. If your item was damaged during delivery please send us a snap (mobile photos are suitable) of the damaged product as well as the damaged packaging within 3 days of receipt, we'll be more than happy to send out a complimentary replacement to you. Often times, we will need you to ship back the original order to us for insurance purposes, but should this happen we'll help walk you through what needs to be done.

Q: Can I change/cancel my order?
A: Yes, as long as it hasn't been already shipped. If you decide that you need to alter your order please send us a message as soon as possible (usually between 12-24 hours of your placed order).
*Please be aware: Should you have placed a custom or personalized order, we are unable to cancel or refund you once we have already started the design of your project.

Q: Do you offer refunds/exchanges?
A: Yes. Please refer to our returns page for more info as returns are subject to a 20% restocking fee: Returns

Q: How accurate are the colors of your prints online vs. what I will receive?
A: Although we do everything we can to display our colors accurately and to describe them the best way possible, we can't guarantee every screen will accurately represent colors, as all devices show different variations of color.

Q: How sharp are the details in the prints you sell?
A: Our aim is to provide high-quality prints so we do everything we can to ensure the sharpness when viewing a print up very close. Because most of our prints are large format (24 inches and larger), we try to ensure that a 70" wide print for example is as sharp as the 24" wide print. As a print increases in size, the less close one is expected to stand from the print typically. The same theory applies when viewing a flat screen TV. A 70" flat screen does not require the same detail when standing 10" from it when compared to standing 10" from a 24" flat screen TV. What makes us one of a kind in our art prints is that we strive to have all our prints, no matter the size, be the same sharpness throughout the range of sizes we offer on a listing. Please keep in mind however, if you order a smaller sized map, the details (street names, legends or any other text) may be harder to view when compared to our larger prints which will display this type of information much easier. Always measure twice before ordering!

Q: I'd like to place a large order for multiple items from your shop, do you offer any discounts for bulk orders?
A: Absolutely! We occasionally run discount sales with coupon codes that you can find on our Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts as well as the specials we're offering! For large bulk orders for hotels, real estate purposes, corporations, healthcare facilities etc., we can work with you on pricing for bulk orders.

Q: Why are the costs of your prints so high?
A: We only use the best materials, resources, printers and design ethics, therefore the price of our prints reflect this.
In return, you will receive prints that are acid-free, cotton fiber and will stand up to the test of time. Our pricing reflects the quality of materials and inks we use. Our paper and print quality is in line with the quality of prints found in museums and high-end art galleries.

Q: What makes your prints different?
A: The attention to detail and the high-quality resources we use to reproduce or design your print is sophisticated. You will find an unparalleled sharpness and clarity in your print that others cannot offer. We have also sourced much of our designs from the actual original artwork so there has been essentially zero loss of quality.

Q: How do I sign up for your email list?
A: You may signup to our newsletter at the bottom of our homepage.

Q: Do you offer wholesale?
A: You bet! We cater to wholesalers, interior designers, galleries and retail outlets on a regular basis. All that we ask for is a copy of your trade license and Tax ID. Drop us a note and we'll send a custom quote to you on the products you're interested in for wholesale.

Q: Dang it! I just bought something yesterday at full price and now today it's on sale. Can I have the sale price instead?
A: We can offer the difference in price in our store credit as longs as you purchased your item at original price and within 24 hours of the sale.

Q: Oops, I forgot to use my coupon code? Can you apply it to a previous order?
A: Unfortunately, we aren't able to go back and apply a discount to any previous orders.

Q: Can you give me a discount on my order?
A: Sign up for our newsletter or follow us on our social channels as we do have promos from time to time.

Q: Do you have a retail store I can visit to see your products?
A: No. At this time our only presence is online and any Pop-up events we plan at the last minute.

Q: Where have I seen your work before?
A: You may have seen our work on HGTV's Fixer Upper, in Starbucks, on Television, in magazines, Etsy, Houzz or local shops.

Q: I live overseas, can I use a third-party shipping company to send my order?
A: Yes and no. We will ship to third party shipping companies, unfortunately, when an order is marked as delivered, our responsibility and liability is relinquished. We will not issue replacements or refunds for any orders that have been delivered to the third-party shipper and/or repackager. Therefore, if your order is lost, damaged or delayed by the third-party, you will have to file a claim with them.

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