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Custom Framing

Custom framing advice for all sizes:

We recommend a minimum of 3/4" width moulding with a minimum of 1" profile, set-back style or Matted with a 1/4" border reveal (we recommend a mat opening that is slightly larger than the image area to allow a white border reveal between the image and the mat – a border reveal adds depth to the overall framed piece and will avoid any potential damage a mat can cause by making contact with the image area. Works on paper (such as our prints) are hydroscopic: the paper is made of cotton fibers that absorb and release humidity, meaning that large prints may occasionally wrinkle inside the frame with changes in humidity. This is normal and if a print is framed properly, will relax back to flat as the humidity decreases (framing with a mat will minimize this effect). It’s best not to hang artwork in kitchens and bathrooms due to the effects of increased humidity.  Make sure you’re using a reputable framer who understands the nature of archival quality framing of large, limited edition artwork. The print should be fixed on acid free rag board using acid free adhesives, be loosely hinged, and the acrylic should not be tight fitted–this enables everything to expand and contract without causing damage to the print.

Framing style is a personal preference, so feel free to frame your print however you like. These are only intended to be our framing recommendations for those looking for assistance.

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