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Where To Buy Frames For Your Wall Art

Frame Your Prints Affordably

So, you've made the big decision to purchase a print or few to hang on your wall. You're no longer a teenager and those posters you could once tack onto your bedroom wall will no longer cut it. You're refining your sense of style and entering the big world of interior design and to help really make you empty wall space come to life, you need to frame your art. Well, we have a few simple, affordable and hopefully useful suggestions that will go a long way in helping save you money as well as leading you in the right direction of purchasing picture frames that will compliment your design vision.

We won't be making recommendations about should you add a mat border, should you go with acrylic or glass, should you have your print mounted before framing or any other stylistic questions. But, if we were to give one point of advice, if your budget allows for it, always frame with UV glass, especially if any of your wall art will have significant exposure to the sun. If you can't afford UV glass, then a handy trick that has been passed along to us is to purchase a can of UV spray at an art store and apply it to the surface of your print.

We will tell you, however, of some places our customers have had success framing the prints they have purchased from us. Most of our customers want the Restoration Hardware frame look, but don't know where to purchase the frames from. So, where do RH get their frames from? The answer is, from a custom frame shop in Pennsylvania. The frames are made specifically for their artwork. When we asked RH where to purchase a replacement frame for one of their wall art pieces that had a damaged frame, they recommended the EXACT places we're recommending to you in this article, local craft stores.

What we have found in the process of recommending frames to our clients is they are looking for sturdy and nicely designed frames. It seems that a lot of frame shops offer frames that look like the frame moldings that are straight from the Palace of Versailles or the Vatican. The ornate and gaudy frames that seemed to consume your eyesight when visiting a local frame shop or even an online retailer remind you of your Grandmother's house that hasn't been on trend for 60 years.

Where To Frame - Affordable Options

We recommend four places that may be local to you for framing. They are, Michaels, Hobby Lobby, Joann Fabrics or Aaron Brothers Framing.

Before visiting any of these local craft stores for your framing needs, always check online for their framing specials. Each of these places is notorious for running specials on their custom framing services so if there's not a deal to be had on one day, check the very next because the promos they run are constant.

Of these places we've mentioned so far, we really like Aaron Brother Framing, particularly their studio collection. If you are looking for the Restoration Hardware picture frames style, then definitely devote your time to the 'Studio' collection they offer. We have seen nearly the exact frame styles RH offers, but in just a slightly lighter or darker color at Aaron Brothers.

Some of our prints are sized so that you don't need a custom frame made at all. For these prints, simply check the premade frames aisles at the stores we've recommended and you will find common frame sizes very inexpensively, particularly if you are just in need of a simple black frame.

Online Picture Framers

In addition to places mentioned above, we do also recommend two online picture framing options if you do not have a Michaels, Hobby Lobby, Joanne Fabrics or Aaron Brothers  near you. They are either and - Each of these two online frame shops can supply nice looking frames at reasonable prices.

If you go with one of the online framing options, may we suggest that you skip adding acrylic or glass to your order and simply have a local framer add this for you. This saves you on the shipping and insurance cost. 

We realize some of these suggestions require a bit of legwork, but getting a large frame doesn't have to be a large pain. will send you the frame unassembled and it is pretty straightforward to then put it together as it usually takes anywhere between 5 - 20 minutes to do. Feel free to give a call as well as they can help answer any questions you may have. With if you quote code MONARCH upon placing your order, you'll receive 20% off the entire purchase price as an FYI. 


Ok, so where to have your prints framed if budget isn't an option? Then, may we suggest the following places as the frames they offer are worth what you pay, especially if your ambition is to match the Restoration Hardware wall decor framed look:

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