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Difference Between Our Clean and Worn Styles

If you're interested in one or a few of our prints, you've probably come across a listing that describes the 'Style' as 'Clean' or 'Worn'.

What exactly are the differences you might wonder?

Our 'Clean' style is simply referencing a print that has solid colors that are very simple in appearance. 

Our 'Worn' style has a more distressed or vintage appearance. The 'Worn' style does not mean the print has a textured feel of being aged or distressed. It just simply means we have applied an image overlay to the print to give it that faux vintage style and aged look.

The print surface of our 'Worn' Style is just as smooth as that of our 'Clean' style, however, the 'Worn' style will have the appearance of a print that was once in the confines of an old warehouse or classic English pub.

Should you opt for one of our 'Worn' style prints, you can expect a high quality distressed looking image overlay that is still sharp in detail and overall appearance.

Many of our customers who are uncertain about which style to go with are typically pointed in the direction of the 'Clean' look print as it could be considered the safer of the two options. The 'Clean' style has a sophisticated look in comparison to our 'Worn' style prints which have a more vintage or aged characteristic.

Whichever you may prefer, we think you'll be delighted with the quality and care that has gone in to creating our prints.

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