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CLASSIC GREEK SCULPTURE Engraving #1, 18th C. Greek Print, Statue Illustration, Italian Art, Greek Decor, Statue Print



CLASSIC GREEK SCULPTURE Engraving #1, 'Greige' Color - 18th C. Greek Print, Statue Illustration, Italian Art, Greek Decor, Statue Print- Unframed and Unmatted



Our period-appropriate vintage style Ancient Greek Statue Art #1 in our 'Greige' hue is a breathtaking example of well-crafted fine art!

In the 18th century, Giovanni Volpato, an Italian printmaker, crafted drawings inspired by classical Greek sculptures. Concentrating specifically on capturing emotive facial expressions, Volpato employed skillful modulation of lines and adept cross-hatching techniques to evoke the appearance of stone. The dramatic impact and commanding presence are accentuated in this enlarged reproduction.

Please see this print in our other color options
-Natural, Print #1:
-Black, Print #1:

Purchase all three prints:
-Collection of 3 prints:

Alternatively, purchase the other prints in the collection, individually:
-Print #2, Greige:
-Print #3, Greige:


This artwork is an archival reproduction printed on fine art paper or a wood-mounted canvas.

You can add a white border around the perimeter of your artwork when adding it to your cart (not available for canvas orders). If you opt for this border (fine art paper prints only), a .5" white border will be included around your print - the border will add a .5" to all four sides of the print, therefore if you order the 16" W x 20" H print size, you will receive a print with an overall 17" W x 21" H paper size.

We have found that many of our customers prefer having this border as it allows for a professional framer to tuck the edge of the artwork under the inside edge (rabbet) of the frame border to hold the artwork in place. Without the border included, the actual printed space of the artwork may end up getting concealed under the frame rabbet. We always say it is better to have this border than to not as it can always be cut off after the fact rather than added after the fact.


Material options:

We sell three different material options defined as Giclée paper, Photo Rag paper and Canvas that is mounted on a wood-mounted frame. The differences are significant between each material and each is a high-quality and elevated elegance in the print world.

- Giclée is economical, one of the most popular and optimal fine art preferred papers.

- Photo Rag is one of the Rolls Royce papers in the print world. The price dictates this as the paper absorbs inks deeper and richer than almost any other paper on the market.

- Canvas mounted on a wood frame is a canvas sheet that has been stretched and wrapped around a wood-mounted frame. The depth of the canvas mount is 3/4". We unfortunately cannot ship a wood-mounted canvas over 40" in width or height so these size options are not listed.

- We always say, to think of Giclée paper as Mercedes-level quality and Photo Rag as Rolls Royce.
- If the artwork is going to be in a very bright space with lots of sun, consider Photo Rag.
- If the artwork is not going to be in a high-trafficked or full-sun location Giclée is great.
- If you don't want to frame your print, then opt for the wood-mounted canvas.


Artwork Specifics:

● This listing is for a single (1) print and print #1 in our 'Greige' hue/color.
● This artwork includes and prints from edge to edge with the included background border (different from the complimentary border that can be added) so please see the example image in the listing for finer details.
● The artwork is an archival vintage reproduction that has been digitized, painstakingly restored, repurposed and then recrafted via high-resolution image captures and digital retouching.
● The use of the word 'vintage' in our listings is a style descriptor for marketing, not an indication of age.
● Art sizes are listed in inches. Width x Height - Example: 24"x 30" is 24" Wide x 30" Height.
● Art is sold UNFRAMED. We do not currently offer framing services at present.
● Art is sold WITHOUT a mat. No added mat will be included with your order.
● Please ensure you are ordering the correct size as we do not currently offer returns or exchanges.
● Please indicate upon check-out if you want us to add the free white border around your print.
● Artwork is in a 4:5 ratio and is printed at the highest quality DPI available in a vertical/portrait layout.
● This artwork is not currently available for digital download.
● All watermarks will be removed and not included on the final printed artwork.
● We DO NOT permit returns or exchanges as all our artwork is made to order only.
● Order cancellations must be received within 1 hour of order placement -
● Please review our shop policies for the finer details before placing your order:


Artwork Quality:

● Quality is paramount so we endeavour to deliver a premium product and we do just that with truly high-quality, sharp and high-resolution art files that you can download.

● The unique character of this artwork and all Monarch Co art is showcased through the age of the old art's patina, distressing, lines, scratches, cracks, graining, worn textures, creases, folds, tears, blemishes, and overall defects inherited from decades and centuries of wear so please expect this character to be evident on your prints. We have respectfully preserved and restored all our art to enhance its authenticity and any necessary corrections have been made to ensure that you can fully appreciate and enjoy the piece. Take a closer look at the detailed pictures to truly appreciate the beauty and character of our prints.

● Please keep in mind that the actual product's colors may differ slightly from what you see on your screen due to variations in device settings. We try our best to depict and reflect the hues as accurately as possible, however, it is impossible to accommodate everyone's digital device settings so please accept the recognition of this transparency before placing an order. So please also try to view this listing on as many different digital devices and monitors as you can before you place your order.

● We strongly encourage you to take the time to double-check the artwork size measurements you're interested in to ensure that the unframed art will fit your space once placed in a frame as the frame will require a larger space on the wall.

Measure twice and then factor in the size of your wall space once the frame you want is added around the artwork. Our suggestion is to measure an extra 4" - 6" around each side of the print size you are looking at. For example, if you are interested in the 24" W x 30" H art paper size, it may be worth factoring in another additional 4" at least to each side of that size. A 24" W x 30" H paper-sized print can easily become an overall space consumption of 28" W x 34" H depending on your frame specifications once placed on your wall.



● All artwork ships during our normal business hours between Monday and Friday.
● Orders are shipped via FedEx, UPS or USPS Priority mail in the United States.
● All artwork is shipped in a high-quality and durable shipping tube.
● Processed artwork is never touched once it's been printed and it will be inspected thoroughly
● International orders will be shipped via USPS Priority International with tracking.
● We are closed on most US Federal holidays and Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year's so please allow for additional processing and shipping times for these periods as we are not open and/or not fulfilling orders.



Since all our artwork is sold unframed, we are frequently asked about where to get art framed since the frames in our shop listings are not physical frames.
Check these sites for custom frame services:




Monarch Co Efforts
● Shop Policies:
● All artwork is sold UNFRAMED
● Art is sold WITHOUT a mat. No added mat will be included with your order.
● All artwork is made to order. Therefore, we do not currently offer returns or exchanges since we do not carry any overhead or any excess inventory.
● All our Monarch Co art has been formatted through our archival restoration process and repurposed in the USA with our intent of reselling high-quality and high-resolution artwork.
● We try our best to be available at all times to assist our customers. We do work weekends, however, we primarily operate during normal business hours (8 am-6 pm) Monday through Friday - Central Standard Time in the United States. So if we miss a message from you, please give us a good 8-14 hours to get back to you even though our aim for our follow-up times is much sooner.
● We try to provide as much detail as possible, sometimes we overlook or mistake details so if you have a question about a specific detail please don't hesitate to reach out for additional clarity.

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NONE of our prints come framed. Please see our FAQs for more information on the services we do offer or visit the links below to learn more about our framing recommendations:

More info on where to frame your art: Where To Buy Frames 

More info about custom framing: Framing Suggestions

Your artwork will ship without the watermark that is visible on the product image.

Your artwork will ship without the 'color name' that is listed across the artwork in instances where the art is sold in an array of different colors. The color name is used to define and clarify which print color you are purchasing only.

We do add an additional, complimentary, white border around your artwork (increases overall paper size). This border is an extension of the paper the artwork is printed on. The artwork print size itself will not change in dimensions from the size you purchase, only around the margins of your chosen artwork size will the white border be extended. We add this white border to make framing easier. The added border will tuck under the lip of the frame and it will be used to hold the artwork in place. Without it, the printed artwork itself may be covered by the lip of the frame. Therefore, we add the white border to prevent this from happening.

We take special pride in our shipping services and our shipping materials.

All artwork is shipped in a high quality, very durable shipping container. Your artwork is wrapped in a special elixir paper so it will be protected during delivery.

From the time your artwork is printed, it is handled with gloves so no direct human contact will ever touch your print directly.

All artwork ships in 3-5 business days (Monday - Friday) in most instances.

All orders placed in the USA will print and ship from our US printer.

All orders placed in Europe will typically print and ship from our European printer.

All orders placed in Australia and New Zealand will typically be printed and shipped from our printer in Australia.

We do ship worldwide and we try to make it as efficient and seamless as possible for you to receive your order once it has been placed with us.

We can offer a rush printing service and a rush delivery option for you. Please send us a note to inquire about both of these options as each one will incur an additional service fee and expedited shipping charge.

Currently, we do not provide returns on purchased prints as all our orders are made-to-order.

To find out more information about our return policy, please visit: Returns

One of the most common questions we get is in reference to what are the differences between Giclée and Photo Rag.

We cover this information a bit more in depth so it will help you decide between the two paper options we supply: Material Differences

For a quick and simple overview, Photo Rag is simply one of the best papers available anywhere. The Photo Rag paper absorbs inks deeper and provides richer colors overall.

Our Giclee printed papers are a high performance fine art paper. Both paper types (Giclee and Photo Rag) have archival properties and are acid free.

Our canvas prints are gallery stretched and wrapped onto a wood mount with a 3/4" depth.

Our rolled canvas is simply a rolled sheet of canvas with a 1" border.

Because we are unable to ship canvas wood mounted prints over 40" in either height or width due to the cost of freight shipping, we therefore recommend our rolled canvas as a viable alternative as it can be stretched and mounted by a local arts and crafts store or with a local framer near you. This allows you to save money on the freight shipping cost for canvas stretched and wrapped artwork over 40" in either width or height.

All prices listed as 'Canvas' are for gallery wrapped wood mounted canvas. If 'Rolled Canvas' is offered for a print, it will be listed as 'Rolled Canvas'.

We also will add a .25", .5" or 1" white border to each side of your artwork. This border helps make the framing of your art easier should you decide to. The white border does increase the overall paper size.

For all other questions, don't hesitate to reach out to us: Contact Us

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