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Empire State Building Blueprint


About the Artwork

There's always one building that stands out anywhere you visit or any place you live and the Big Apple most iconic skyscraper, the Empire State Building is always at the forefront of many people's minds as the quintessential building of power and status. With good measure, we've recreated the Empire State Buildings blueprints in fine form and with the high detail, we are known for. Don't sell yourself short and skimp on a cheap and low-quality print of these architectural plans of the Empire State Building, purchase ours and you won't be disappointed.

Our blueprints are vintage reproductions of the original plans and just like the originals, there are distinct flaws and alignments (see representative images and be sure to click zoom to see them in more detail) that are part of the makeup of these old blueprints. Consider these plans, perfectly imperfect and very highly detailed.

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