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New York City Skyline Illustration


About the Artwork

Our vintage-style artwork print of Lower Manhattan is a testament to the zeal of the Big Apple and those who inhabit Gotham City and the Concrete Jungle. You'll certainly be in an Empire State of mind with this stunning pen and ink line art print that we had Zoey Riley customize just for us! We worked hand in hand with the artist to offer three different variations of the ever-so-classic vintage New York City skyline!

That's right, the one and only, Zoey Riley created three different exclusive versions just for us, for you! The first style offered by Zoey is the print with the original World Trade Center buildings still standing. The second style available is with the original World Trade Center buildings removed. And then, finally, a third and updated version that cannot be found anywhere else unless faked or copied is a style with the recent Freedom Tower (One World Trade Center).

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