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Singapore - Map of 1897


About the Artwork

Taken from the German town of Leipzig's publication of a Bibliographisches Institut, our archival reproduction lithograph shows the Republic of Singapore at the end of the 19th century. Specializing in capturing the authentic details of vintage maps, our Singapore map is a much sought after piece of cartography that depicts the scarce and dynamic aspects of the city's gateway to both the west and east.

Our map prints are taken from the most exclusive and mint condition vintage atlas and then captured with a Smithsonian-grade $50,000 Fine Art Camera. Display this in your home, office, man cave, apartment, dorm, lake house, beach house, hotel, hospital or anywhere that needs a truly stunning piece of art that pays homage to the city or cities you love. In addition, our exquisitely made print showcases the subtle mottling and fading of the original vintage map.

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