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Turgot's 1739 Plan de Paris Map


About the Artwork

In 1734 Michel-Étienne Turgot, chief of the municipality of Paris as provost of merchants decided to promote the reputation of Paris for Parisian, provincial or foreign elites by implementing a new map of the city. He asked Louis Bretez, a member of the Royal Academy of Painting and Sculpture and professor of perspective, to draw up the plan of Paris and its suburbs. For the era in time this map was created, the detailing and scale were unprecedented and still to this day, it remains a marvel.

Our reproduction artwork of this stunning map is a Francophile's dream. Hang this rustic-chic print in the hallway, bathroom, nursery, office space, retail space, hotel lobby or in a trendy restaurant. The possibilities are endless, but the beauty of the archival artwork is timeless and can complement any wall and make a lasting impression.

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