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by Foundry

USA Military Liberation Parade


About the Artwork

Our archival print of the USA Military on the streets of Paris France after the liberation of Paris from German forces during World War II is an emblematic print of patriotism, honor, freedom and the strength of allied forces working together. The military parade recognizing the bravery and appreciation of the US Armed forces by French citizens is, in its own right, with the American flag held high on the streets of Paris, a testament of allied forces maintaining freedom and democracy. Our finely detailed and repurposed historic photograph will grace your home, warehouse, loft, garage, basement, man-cave, bachelor pad or workplace with gritty greatness.

The original artwork print was taken from an old war French estate and the archival print we have derived from this print does show the vintage artifacts, blurriness (lack of sharpness) scuffs, scratches and aspects of a photograph that has been kept in an attic in the French countryside for several decades would have.

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